Monét – AMBER


Smooth Silky sounding Songstress Monét has captivated our ears and hearts with her latest release “AMBER”( produced by the talented B. Young).

Monét mentioned her lyrics are influenced by a lot of relationships we see today in society and also a mixture of my past experiences. Situations dealt with somebody who we feel isn’t given 100% in any sort of relationship. We’ve all dealt with someone who continuously wastes our time by giving mixed signals, broken promises, their actions not matching their words

She wanted this track to remind people that you don’t need to put up with it. You are worthy of real love and respect. You are worthy of compassion and loyalty. Your significant other should lift you up not bring you down. Love is meant to make you feel free. Not make you feel like your suffocating.

The song Title “AMBER” was inspired by traffic lights, Monét broke it down explaining

The red light originally means stop right ? In my head a bad relationship that’s not going anywhere is a red light. Almost as if it’s on a standstill. The green light is associated with go. In my head a good relationship allows you to move forward and grow with one another. Amber is 50/50. You could stop or go forward at any given moment. My point being if two people who are involved with each other work together then can move forward. If they refuse to work on their issues and miscommunication is thrown into the mix then everything can go downhill. Causing a standstill. A dead end. 

“In the end you’ll see I was right but by then i’ll be happy with some other guy”. ending the  song on this line for one reason and one reason only: If you find yourself second guessing your worth because of someone else’s actions. Her advice would be to grow on without them. The right person will come along and when they come. You will know. 





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