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Stargazing, Astronomical travels in the new single titled “Scary” from “WHOISPDP” the Artist & Producer giving us a fresh new vibes, giving us insight of his approach and relatable experience in life when it comes to dealing with companies and encounters in life , having to make decisions of trusting , baring yourself to individuals or embarking on the journey of chasing your goals with the ups , downs , intoxicating and lifestyle that comes along the way.

This infectious sound in the new single is definitely one gliding through the day routine to late night vibes.


Introduce yourself and what does the name stand for?

my name is pdp i’m a musician of many forms, i love to make meaningful yet fun music that makes people feel something

pdp has many meanings to me, it first started out as my friends callin me paul da producer then pdp for short over the years of the grind i got perfection dedication and persistence (yes i’m aware dedication and persistence are synonyms)

What is the inspiration behind this new single?

i had a very tough year in 2022 i got to see a lot of true colours from people around me as well as situations it made me start tightening my boundaries even more, this song is pretty much inspired by betrayal and hurt i carried during that period, it’s easy to forgive but harder to forget, i feel like i’ve been naive most my life thinkin i could put trust in people that were close to me, but they threw it back in my face and made me realise any body is capable of hurting and causing disruption to your life, the message is be weary of who you confide in and protect your energy, vision and horizons at all cost because truly anybody is capable of being scary. we’re human after all.

How does this new single feel compared to your past release?

 if i could describe it with one word?  scary. i took a break for almost a year and a half, got to a point where i thought i was never finna come back to music and retire there and then. I started having frequent sessions with my engineer Sippy Beats we made a couple songs as i was trying to get back into it, but this one stood out the most to me and gave me the inspiration to keep going after hearing it back. Still the same P just on another level, new cadences, lyricsim and bounce.

Is this a stand alone single or should we expect it to be part of a project in the future?

For now this a stand alone single but for all we know it could be on one of my future projects maybe with a remix *mischievous smile*

What was the most memorable moments when you was recording this new single?

One of my bros came to the studio that night i recorded the song, and from layin down the hook and first verse, gaging his energy and reaction was very motivating, i knew i had one when he pulled out his snap to record haha. Can’t forget the Sippy Beats signature head bop of approval as he was mixing it down! i showed it to the gang and they couldn’t stop playing it and reciting the lyrics i said bet!

Did you produce this single?

I did not, this single produced by 22nate from overseas, shout out to him, had me hooked from the drop!

Any message or vibe you hope the listeners get from the song?

Not particularly i feel like everyone interprets music differently as it’s subjective i want them to have their own perspective and thoughts about the message, the vibe is wavy sha

Any message you would like to leave our audience with?

When life gets hard, go harder! Always pace yourself and don’t rush the process. If you feel burnt out take time out to reflect and reset but never give up, cause if you give up now you’ll regret more later. oh yeah protect your energy and at all costs!



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