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Bbymilo is an open minded, plus size, south Asian stylist and undergraduate

What got you into being a Stylist?

I was studying art & design at foundation level knowing I wanted to get into fashion, I didn’t have much confidence in stitching so I thought of a different way to bring my visions to life and that was styling! Now I love it 

How would you describe you approach/Form of Styling?

My work is usually based off social current issues, wether it be breaking gender boundaries, women empowerment or self acceptance. I aspire to influence those that keep up with me to let go of oppressive attitudes in generations to come, yet keeping it quirky, vibrant and full of energy.

What are you Favourite Colours?

My fave colours are literally anything bright and playful! I would say that’s my trademark. So basically all the colours of the rainbow🌈 .


What’s your Essentials must have for everyday?

Essential must haves, my rings!! Perfume, you got to smell good out here! And my phone.

We Really love how your culture plays a role in your work and you as an individual incorporating and inspiring others ,How important is this to you as as a whole?

Culture is very important to me. Growing up in a predominantly white area the brown kids were always made fun of, there was a lack of representation within the South Asian community and I always found it difficult, maybe even embarrassed to embrace my heritage. Now that I’ve grown up, I’m so proud of where I come from and again, I want to influence those that come from a cultured background to always remember their roots! That’s why I incorporate it into my looks! I’ve had a few DM’s from people of my own race telling me I’ve helped them gain confidence in embracing who they are and that makes me feel so happy! I know 14 year old me needed the me now 

What are the Advises you will give to any wanting to get into being Stylist or the Creative World?

Go into it with an open mind, wether you want to be a stylist or just be involved in the creative world, the opportunities are endless! Don’t limit yourself and be prepared for an exciting yet committed ride, it’s not all glamour! 

What are you All time and Current Favourite Fashion Brands/Labels?

Current favourite fashion brands/labels are Moschino, Philip Plein and Ashish 


When in the Process of Styling on a shoot , what are the thought Process that goes through your mind to piece the Outfit / Look together?

Thought process of styling a shoot: like I explained before, meaningful, vibrant and unique

What are the Biggest Traits/Qualities you look out for Before working with another Individual?

Biggest traits for collab: ENERGY!!! Even if we haven’t met yet I can usually tell someone’s energy just through their replies. I wouldn’t want to work with someone who has negative energy and also communication! If we are collaborating, I expect consistency. 

What would you consider as your Biggest Accomplishments so Far?

Biggest accomplishments: working for a fashion agency doing styling as I’m still in education and didn’t expect to be working in the industry so soon. Also being accepted to shows for Paris fashion week was amazing!.

What songs are have you got on Repeat recently?

Songs on repeat: jellyman – drip and 6ix9ine – fefe 

Where would you like your Craft to lead you too in the future?

I would like my craft to lead to success, happiness and wealth.

Any Upcoming plans or contents to look out for?

I’m going into my final year of university and have some very exciting content to come, won’t say too much until it’s been done but keep a look out! 

Anything Else you would like to add?

Be happy, have fun and remember to always stay true to yourself❤️




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