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Who is Jaffa?

Jaffa is everyone else, and anyone you want him to be. He is a human like any other simply just having fun. I’m just a guy with a sewing machine.


How did you get into Pieces Customization & How Long has it been?

Surprisingly I only really took an interest in fashion just over two years ago. I hand sewed my nike shoe mask around november 2017. That was my first personal custom.


What’s the Last Song Played on your Phone?

Wretch 32 – Unorthodox


We Love Your Fits, Always With a Unique Twist, What are the Influences/Inspirations for Your Style?

When it comes to personal style I do not have a direct influence but many micro influences. Mainly from the people around me and some of my closest friends. I also limit the amount I spend on clothing & accessories etc. So my current style is only a reflection of what is available at the current moment. I like to style stuff I make and also stuff find in markets & ebay(if you’re careful). I do not like a majority of brand. I also like embodying characters too, whether that be a rapper from a certain era or a cartoon. My outfits all have meaning in one sense or another. I do on the other hand have a uniform I wear out a lot which is my heavy duty leather trench, a pair of custom ‘JAFFA STUDIOS*’ jeans and a pair of white, beige & black ozweegos.


What’s is your Creative Process like when Creating/Customizing a new Product?

When creating a new product. It is almost always spontaneous. Sudden thoughts and out of the blue ideas. I don’t really plan what I do next. I have a mental schedule of when I do something but even I do not know what the final outcome is going to look like. whether I like it or not, I still post it because it will inevitably show my progress.


What are your Favourite Brands Currently?

Ruth peterson, Raf simons, Number nine are all really cool but I think my favourite brand is Undercover. Then again I do not like everything they have made. I like a certain aesthetic and subject rather than a name.


We have seen you do so much amazing Customization of High End Brands Like Nike, Burberry and More, Is there any Brand Or Individual in Particular You would like to work on a piece with?

I want to work with several charities, artists, galleries and a range of companies in the future. There’s stuff already in the works and I do not want to limit my capabilities to anything.


Top 3 Concert and Mosh Pits you have been too?

Top 3 mosh pit? I only have one. Scotch, Moshing with Sheck Wes to Mo Bamba This was back towards the end of summer in 2018. That was a different type of night to anything I’ve ever seen. The energy was incredible. Chipped 2 of my teeth that night.

How has London Had an Influence you as an Individual & Creativity?

I was born and raised in the borough of Westminster so the city of london means alot to me. I draw a lot of inspiration from my surrounding so the communities of Soho & Queenspark do serve a huge influence in what I create. The people I meet, The streets I roam and the conversations I part take in all collectively spark ideas. My area can be dangerous but if you’re even a little bit street smart you should be fine. I’m so grateful for my position. My story is not the prettiest but I wouldn’t change a thing as every single event has made me who I am.


What is your Most Enjoyable Moment during the Whole Process of a Customising a New


When making a new piece I think the most enjoyable part of the process is the initial idea & concept and appreciating sometimes how far the final product is from the first sketch. I inevitably have to work with what is available to me. There has been many times I have overestimated how much material I have within a garment and have to make do by using another or finding a way to salvedge as much material from scraps and such. The hardest but most rewarding part of the process is trial and error which sometimes means a piece takes a week before perfected. I’m an unapologetic perfectionist when It comes to the final product especially when it comes to aesthetics and presentation.


What Ongoing project and Future ones have you got planned ?

I can’t give too much away with future projects but there are so many to come already lined up this year. Come through to my installation, exhibition & sample sale on the 23rd March, its an OPEN STUDIOS presentation in partnership with EJDER; come get some free patches and witness some BTS of the process. There is also a couple nice collabs, a lot of pretty garments and a few workshops and maybe even a bakery?.


Where do you find Inspirations for your Custom Pieces?

When it comes to production of most of my customs I design it around the product itself or use a garment for a silhouette I want to experiment with. I do not think I have a lot of direct inspo when it comes to creating my one of ones.


What have been one of you most Notable Achievement Thus Far?

I think my most notable achievement out of everything I’ve ever achieved is making the decision to leave school prematurely to pursue my passion. I’m proud of 16yr old jaffa saying he’s prepared to take on the world and dropping one of the only safety nets of life he had at the time.


Top three Fashion Show/ Event you been to so far?

Surprisingly I do not go to a lot of fashion events or runways and no brand (which I’ve witnessed) has been noteworthy so far. I have yet to experience a couture show and I think that’s going to raise my standards of an atmosphere created around a collection when I do.


What Advice would you give anyone interested in Getting into Pieces Customization?

The best advice I can give is simply just doing it. I’ve be brought up on the mindset that nothing in life is free. Everything is worked for and that is simply that. Anyone can do what I do. It is just the matter of doing it. Most of my skills are self taught. If you do what you love everyday you will eventually hone your craft and master it. It is all about time and consistency. The more you input the more you output.


Where do you see Jaffa studios in the Future?

I see Jaffa Studios being a staple within fashion. Pioneer in denim and will have one of the strongest communities within the industry. I’m combating fast fashion and will re-establish the importance of textiles and repairing clothing within the curriculum. I will also host regular workshops to get truly passionate individuals who may not have the funds to do what they want the knowledge they need to break into industry. I’m also going to house a collective of young creatives and individuals I feel are killing the game within the Jaffa Studios site. I’m founding a charity with my mother which will be heavily funded by Jaffa Studios. I couldn’t even tell you what’s coming. Keep your eyes peeled.







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