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Thank you for joining us today at Cxlective HQ, What is your Name and Your Creative

Hi, I’m Rasa Balciunaite and I’m a fashion stylist.

How are you feeling today?

I’m feeling good, happy to be back home after a long day of work.

If you had a fashion designer / House to collaborate with on a collection, which ones would
it be?

I would love to work with Ancutta Sarca, she creates the coolest shoes ever. I know that we
together could create something incredible!

In the recycling ways fashion tend to take with trends, what Fashion trend do you wish to
make a comeback?

I feel like we live in a time where a lot of trends, from different eras, are existing all at once. I see
how fashion is becoming more experimental. I love the 80s, so I guess I would love to see colour
coming back to people’s wardrobes.

How did you get into styling?

I never knew that I would be doing styling nor I studied fashion. During uni, I worked part-time as a
visual merchandiser and enjoyed putting outfits together and learning everything about style,
fabric, colour and how to match everything. Eventually, I decided to pursue a stylist’s career, and I
just really jumped right into it. A few years back, during Covid, I did an online course about Fashion
Styling, did a lot of research, read some books… I didn’t get a chance to get into assisting, so I
thought, I might as well just do it myself. I began collaborating with other creatives to build my
portfolio and network. The latter part never stops!

When approached with a new styling project/Photoshoot, how do you prepare for your

Firstly, I would listen to the brief and find out what the client is looking for. Then, there would be a
couple of back and forth with the client, where I would share my part of the vision. Once that is
confirmed, I would start researching brands and designers, contacting PRs and showrooms, and
requesting looks that match the brief. If possible, I would do a fitting, to see how everything looks on the talent/ model. I would pre-plan the outfits down to the jewellery I want to use. I would
pack everything nicely a day before. Being organised in this job is key, because on the day it can be
absolute chaos, so it’s better to be ready on your part.

What is one essential items you have to have ready to go during styling Job?

Definitely my steamer. It goes everywhere with me. 😀 Other honourable mentions are clips (to
pin any bigger items) and masking tape (to cover the shoe soles).

If you had the chance to go through a wardrobe of an historical figure in time, who would
it be?

The person that comes to my mind is Edith Head. She was truly a genius and created costumes for
Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few. It would be surreal to go
through her archive filled with her creations.

Where was you born and would you say its environment, culture has had influences on
your creativity?

I was born in Lithuania and lived there majority of my life. It definitely had an influence on my
creativity in terms of that it was restricted. Back home, creative professions are viewed as
“hobbies” and are not being taken seriously. However, I was surrounded by creativity within my
family and I know that subconsciously that helped me. For example, my grandad wrote poems,
painted and made wooden sculptures. My grandma used to sew all the time. My mum is a
preschool teacher, so she did all sorts of creative things, and she knits in her free time. She used to
tell me how when she was young, she used to knit her own dresses or jumpers, so she would look
different from everyone else.

What are the qualities you look out for when working with models?

I always look out for someone with a unique look, great posing skills, and the ability to get into the
character of the shoot.

How did your Styling Journey begin?

After I began building my portfolio and making connections, opportunities started to come my way
and some I would create for myself too.

Which sectors of styling are your favourites to work in?

I love editorial as you can really show off your creativity and be experimental. I love styling
musicians too, may it be for a performance or music video, as you help someone with creating
their image, a persona, their world that they represent. It’s incredibly rewarding!

How do you handle negative criticism when it comes to your styling choices?

It’s better not to take it personally and move past that, offering solutions and different options. It’s
natural that not everyone will like everything I pick, especially if there are a lot of opinions
involved, at the end of the day, it’s collaborative with adding your personal touch.

If you had one super power to help you in your creativity, which one would it be and how
would you use it?

To read the client’s mind. 😂 that would save time and stress when preparing for a project. I would
use it to really immerse myself into what is their vision and truly bring it to life.

Any favourite tricks or tips you would give to an upcoming or Enthusiast Stylist on their

Remain professional even under the toughest circumstances. That moment will pass, but your
reputation will carry on. So, be kind to everyone you meet.

In this time of discussion and information about fast fashion, what are you opinion of fast
fashion in the fashion industry?

It’s a tough one really. Fast fashion is engraved in our society. It’s more about everyone’s shopping
habits and why are they buying something and are they going to take care of it, and more
importantly, whether are they going to wear it. I don’t agree with the way Shein or Boohoo
operates and treats their workers, and still use all sorts of greenwashing techniques to manipulate
the consumer. It also saddens me how quickly they are ripping off small independent designers
and selling almost identical products 5 times as cheap.

I personally believe that shopping second hand and vintage is the way to go. There is so much
clothing that has been already created.

What has been a difficult moment in your creative journey and how did you overcome this

Part of being freelance is the constant worry of when you’re going to get paid next. Sometimes you
might be booked for projects back to back, and sometimes you have nothing for months. Finding
that balance and creating a structure for yourself was quite challenging for me, it is still to this day.

What TV shows are your favourites to watch right now?

My favourite show is no doubt “Sex and the City” because of its iconic fashion. I’ve recently
finished watching “The Desperate Housewives” which also had some great fashion moments.

When has been the proudest moments in your Creative Career so far?

Working on a campaign for Puma x Footasylum. A little pinch-me moment!

What was the last song played on your phone?

JayO – 22

Describe you own personal style for us and how does it have influence on your creative

My personal style is colourful, feminine, sometimes comfy and casual. I love vintage clothing and
jewellery, so I like to mix those in.
I’m not sure if my personal style influences my creative work, apart from having a certain taste for
things. Because I have to know how to create many different styles, based on the brief and the
client, I just create what I feel is beautiful and makes sense.

What is your favourite part of being a stylist and what keeps you inspired and passionate
about your Creative work?

The best part is definitely seeing the hard work and preparation come to fruition and seeing a
happy client feeling themselves when wearing something that I put together. And I just love
playing around with clothes, I respect the hard work designers put into creating something and to
be able to work with such unique pieces, is really a dream come true.

I get inspired by everything around me – from the music I listen to, to the movies I watch and to the
people I meet.

Thank you for your time with us, Any Words you would like to leave our Audience with?

Thank you for reading this! And if you are a creative, I wish you to never stop grafting towards your
dream. You will make it!



Interview Timestamp – This Interview Took Place on Sat, 1 July 2023

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