Myrealcover recently released their “Lost Voices” SS18 and its whole another level of approach to the new collection, still having the essence of what the Luxury Brand (that can seen from the previous collections) is about but with a Impactful feeling the continue to resonance with you. 

Myrealcover SS18 our first collection which is called lost voices, lost voices a dresses the feeling of being oppressed, suppressed, ignored, misrepresented, buy any movement or regime, as we are living in a time where the reactions of not being recognised in anyway sharp or form are happening. We felt that our first collection should represent us calling to the movement of being able to express ourselves and be recognised hence lost voices army.


Are collection is a juxtaposition between a strong military position hence the camouflage prints and combat style pocket also bright colours like orange and reds, which are colour opposites but match well with tonal colours, colours represent the truth and the truth as although it may be shocking it it always beautiful. We have also glow fabric, along with reflective, and Swarovski crystal, which has almost become a signature of are style and adds that luxury element. This adds to the theme of being heard and being seen at all times. – MYREALCOVER



You can browse through this collection now available on their website at –

Models – YamsIsaacsaonaCiaraDeclánAang , BandoupNorth  ,Connor

Photography – blackgiftyjr , Kieran Liggins


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