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I would like to say CALEBANDTHECAM is me but then I almost feel like it’s an extension of me and my mind and my creativity. I am a 17 year old fashion/ editorial photographer living in East London; I shoot very simplistic fashion with high fashion concepts behind it. I try to focus on the energy of the location I’m in and am influenced by the colours around me, this always helps me regain focus of what I’m shooting and why I’m shooting. But ‘Who Is CALEBANDTHECAM’? It’s my culture, my background, my influences and my mind all in one place and concept.

Favourite Colour?

It would be either baby pink or light orange.

What Influence Do You Think Instagram / Social Media Have On You As A Photographer And Your Work?

It’s a very difficult world we live in, especially being a creative, because we are constantly fed other peoples work and given inspiration through other peoples pages. So I think it’s had both positive and negative influences, positive in a way where I can see something and spin it around and have my own take on what I’ve seen, but in a negative where I’m not thinking out the box and creating work that other people have seen multiple times before. Social media is a powerful tool in which I use to not only promote myself and my talent, but ultimately get inspired by others.  So it definitely has its wins and loses.

When Did You Know You Wanted To Start Photography?

I was taking photos for my friend’s Instagram’s when I was like 13. And I mean like full blown ‘photoshoots’ on some iPhone 4. And in doing that I was able to see reactions from my friends that ultimately made me feel good about myself because it was my talent making them feel good and beautiful etc. So it was like a positive chain reaction that I liked, and so I just started doing it for others and then it just carried on through the years.


On A Usual Day Of Shooting, What Are The Top Must Have Equipment To Have On The Shoot?

I’m not into all the flashy equipment as some people are. But what I bring usually is a light reflector and of course my lenses and ultimately my creativity. Some photographers have amazing equipment yet take photos that don’t bring impact.  So I don’t really focus on equipment too much, it’s more based on what I’m actually shooting.


Certain Photographers Have A Ritual Or Routine They Do Before Starting Their Shoot, Is There Any You Do?

I tend to go to the specific location I’m shooting at and then take a few shots to test the lighting and adjust any settings to my camera. It helps to gage what kind of mood the shoot is, if it’s a more sensual shoot then Ill tend to shoot in a lower ISO and if it’s a fashion shoot then I tend to do the opposite and bring up the ISO. Besides that I always take a boomerang or photo for my Instagram story with the model so I can show my friends and followers what I’m doing that day. A lot of the times I forget to do that.

What is Your Favourite Lens?

I love my kit lens and the 24mm with the 1.4 aperture, a lot of people are always shocked when I tell them I don’t like the 50mm. I think my style of shooting relies on me being able to zoom in and out and with the 50, it doesn’t allow that flexibility. I also really do not like the depth of field it gives, the whole blurred out background thing is something I stay clear of. The 24 has quickly become my favourite in terms of clarity but yeah my kit lens has to my favourite.

What Is The Thought Process That Goes Through Your Mind Before Capturing A Shot?

I tend to try and capture the feeling of confidence. So if I don’t feel like the model in question doesn’t bring confidence to the shot. I won’t take it. And that’s something I’ve always stood firm in, because I think when I work with people it’s not really about shooting with them, it’s about creating a space where we can kill it and bring both of our ideas together. I really think about how light is affecting the shot to, how the shadows compliment the model or textures in frame. I love when I can see multiple textures in my shots because it brings a sense of depth and reality. Some people love to produce flat and perfect shots of people faces etc. and I’ve never really related to that.


When Selecting The Models You Work With, What Are The Qualities You Look For?

Models have a tendency to message me and ask to ‘collaborate’ on shoots, and that is something I’m very proud of because it means my work is relatable and enjoyable. However I’ve recently learned the power of saying ‘No’. When I work with models I tend to look for their story, if I come across a page that just has photoshoot after photoshoot on, my mind switches off. I want to relate to them, see their friends and family and life. Not just who they work with or how many followers they have. If I see that then I’m more or less going to say yes.

But I stay clear of ‘creative hoppers’, which is a term me and a couple of friends like to use for the models who work with everyone and anyone to get free work. The models I’ve worked with who pay and are willing to invest in their dreams and my talent always seem to progress and kill the game. The ones who don’t and only ‘collab’ seem to stay where they are and don’t really give me anything new to work with.

Any Advice You Would Give Anyone Picking Up Photography Or Entering The Creative World?

I know this is cheesy but honestly be you. People respect individuality. This industry is so over-saturated with the same blurry background, perfect model type of a photographer. Go in with the ideology of being completely you and changing things. I often find myself wanting to quit because I don’t see the change I want to make. But ultimately it’s up to me to make those changes I want to see. Be humble enough to ask for advice as well, there’s been a lot of times where I have found myself stuck on how to continue growing, and asking the people who I respected for help and advice has gifted me not only knowledge but respect. So what’s the harm in asking! And have fun, never forget to have fun.


Models – Dylan , Peter, MariaBiimpe24sgold

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