This constantly evolving brand ” REHOBOTH” from the UK has show us once again why they are not the brand to take your eyes of for a minute, or you might just miss out of the Insane concepts and drops that they are hitting us with.

The “ARMOUR OF GOD” SS18 Collection was inspired by a biblical verse Ephesians 6:10, exploring each armour by creating 1/1 pieces using a range of different materials and techniques.

The whole collection includes nineteen pieces, each piece has a deep meaning behind it for example the ‘HELMET OF SALVATION’ hat is an armour that protects our mental health and thoughts blocking negativity and the lies of the devil. Also the ‘THE SHOES OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE’ custom nike air forces 1’s is an armour understanding the gospel and to be well enough to explain it to others which will help you also to remain deeply rooted during the worst circumstances.

This collection is about encouraging the youth to put on the whole armour of God and to stay safe at all times, we live in a sick world where people are still being sold as slaves, innocent lives are getting killed & racism. We want to use this brand as a platform to speak up and talk about these social issues and make a difference because as a creative we believe that it is our responsibility – REHOBOTH

Their new “ARMOUR OF GOD SS18” Collection speaks for itself,  ranging from customised jacket, trainers, hat, camo trousers to tote bags with the simplistic but effective design that yet gives it a bold look and strong messages such as biblical verse that gives the wearer empowering feels while they look amazing in the collection.


Photographer – OliverPayne

Models –  DiddycamBran Arnold & Dimeji, Sonia , Jordan ,Delvin

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