Return of the Crocs


Back in my day Crocs were very much frowned upon, the opposite of “to be seen and not heard”. They were the shoes that you wore on camping holidays with your parents; they were come; easy to fling on and off at the drop of a hat, but there was no chance in hell that you would wear them in the “real world”, away from the forgiving eyes of fellow campers.

That doesn’t mean that we didn’t all enjoy attaching the sparkly gems and rubber charms (which I only recently found out were called Jibbitz), to the holes in the front, turning them into personalised works of art on your feet, but you wouldn’t wear them when you were back home, away from the safety of the campsite and out with your friends.

So, imagine my surprise when crocs became cool??? don’t get me wrong, despite them being kind of strange looking (ugly), I’m all for them. They are INCREDIBLY comfortable and I find the ease of flinging them on and off and the versatility of them even more appealing in my adult years than I did as a child. They’re great for dog walks and running errands, (they’re even half decent for some kind of lawkward run when you wear them in sport mode). I’ve recently found myself sporting a lovely neutral beige pair, and BELIEVE me when I tell you I will be spicing them up with lots of different coloured Jibbitz.

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